J.G. Goumas Shipping Company S.A. Group of Companies

J.G. Goumas Shipping Company S.A.

J.G. Goumas Shipping Co. SA commenced operations in 1971. Captain John G. Goumas founded the company, as a continuation and extension of the family business and traditions, which originated from his Father and Grandfather nearly a century ago. The Goumas Group today focuses on ship-management, ship-owning and chartering, and throughout the years has acquired and traded in excess of 35 dry cargo ships of various types and sizes including 20 newbuildings primarily contracted in Japan.

In August 1972 John G. Goumas initiated a chartering and trading operation and was one of the founder members of the Clipper and Armada Group of Companies which Group became one of the largest and most prominent commercial chartering operations world-wide engaging in the chartering in of tonnage, the execution of contracts of affreightment, the management and ownership of a fleet of modern well designed tonnage.

He sold his shares and retired from this Group in 1987. During the period while he was active the Group had chartered in, in excess of 120 ships during any one year and had constructed a substantial number of newbuildings for its own account in Japan and Brazil.

Fortuna Bulk Carriers and Fortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers, the latter a joint venture with Seaside, Denmark were set-up in continuation as the commercial and chartering operations of the Goumas Group of Companies both of which have been operating very successfully and are well known in shipping circles for many of years.

The Group has its headquarters in Greece, where the workforce consists of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience both at sea and ashore.

The Goumas Group with a family history of over 100 years is well known within the shipping industry for its very high standard of professionalism both in the chartering and commercial side as well as the quality of its vessel maintenance and operations.

From 1991 to 1997, Captain John Goumas served as President of the Union of Greek Shipowners.