M.V. Akra

St Sd Bc

Ww/itf/co2/grain/grabs ftd

Abt 61300 mts dwt on abt 13.026 sw draft

Cayman flag/blt 2016 by Dacks-Kawasaki shipyard

Loa 199.9 /beam 32.24 m

77,546 m3 grain (2,738,522 ft3)


  4x30.0 Mts Cranes-4x12.5 cbm Smag Grabs for cargoes

  up to 1.2 mt/cbm & 5.0

  cbm for cargoes up to 3.0 mt/cbm suitable for bulk cargoes with material grain size min 1.00 mm - max      50.00 mm

5 ho/ha-ha dims no1 18.690x18.60, no2-5 21.360x18.60 m

Tpc (summer draft) : 60.4

Hold No3 filled with water when vsl in ballast

Strengthened For Heavy Cargoes In Alternate Holds


All loading/stowing/securing/carrying of cargoes to be carried out in accordance with vessel’s loading

and cargo securing manuals as well as in accordance with class requirements.


Steel loading-coils 25 mts x 2 tiers or equivalent

Of min dimensions length 1.5m, outer diameter 1.85m, 3 dunnages

Can load packaged timber on main deck and hatch covers

Holds tt no1 23.0/no2 16.5/no3 24.5/no4 16.5/no5 23.0 mts/sqm


Abt 14.0 Kn L/B kn on abt 29.0 l/26.0b Mt Ifo 380 Cst Rmg 380

Alternatively and on a wog bss

Abt 13.5 Kn L/B on abt 26.0l/23.0b Mt Ifo 380 Cst Rmg 380

Abt 13.0 Kn L/B on abt 24.0l/22.0b Mt Ifo 380 Cst Rmg 380

Abt 12.5 Kn L     on abt 23.0l/          Mt Ifo 380 Cst Rmg 380

Abt 12.0 Kn L     on abt 21.0l/          Mt Ifo 380 Cst Rmg 380


Gens-port 2.0 Mt Ifo idle

Port 5.0 Mt Ifo +0.5 mt mdo Gear Working


The Abv Spd/cons is bss good weather condition, no adverse current, no negative influence of swells and not exceeding Beaufort scale force 4 and Douglass sea state 3 with combined wave and swell heights nte 1.25m.

Vsl also burns 1.0 mt ifo during ballast exchange, 0.1 mt mdo during incinerator ops and 1.8 mt for auxiliary boiler of either ifo/mdo as the case may be.


Vsl may slow steam and/or burn Mdo for Maneuvering/Navigating in Confined/Restricted Waters/Canals/Rivers & In/Out of Ports/Locks and their approaches and may also burn mdo when Starting/Switching Off and running at light load generators at sea or port


Bunkers Specs to conform to ISO 8217:2010(E) & any amendments thereto, Quality Max 380 Cst, Rmg 380 For Ifo and Dmb For Mdo and to comply with Marpol 73/78 Annex Vi Regulation 14.

Bunker specs to conform to any local and/or state and/or international regulations prevailing at any ports and/or places vsl sails/calls.


All Dtls Abt